Coopers Hawk Cottage

Cooper’s Hawk Cottage

High above the treetops at the uppermost part of the Hawk’s View bluff sits Cooper’s Hawk Cottage. Named after a smaller and very wide-ranged raptor.

Falcon Cottage

Falcon Cottage

Here perched on the upper first tier of Hawks View bluff is Falcon Cottage; named for the hawk that is roughly divisible into three or four groupings, which are the kestrels, hobbies, and peregrine falcons.

Goshawk Cottage 1

Goshawk Cottage

This cottage, nestled in the high center of Hawks View bluff, is named for the Northern goshawk.

Marsh Hawk Cottage 1

Marsh Hawk Cottage

This cottage is on the lower tier of the bluff and is wheelchair accessible it is named after the northern harrier better known as the marsh hawk.

Red tail Cottage 3

Red-tail Hawk Cottage

This cottage perched mid-level on Hawk’s View bluff is named for the red-tail hawk also known as the chickenhawk in the United States.